Associazione Artes, in cooperation with Classics Management Budapest, announces the 5th edition of “FLORENCE STRING QUARTET & ENSEMBLE CALL FOR SCORES”.

The event aims to be an opportunity for emerging composers of different geographical areas, an occasion to meet colleagues and be to be acquainted with different styles and techniques.

The final aim of the Call for Scores is to promote the knowledge of today’s music through the performance at the highest level and the publication of the selected pieces.


1.1 – The Call for Scores is open to composers of any nationality and sex, born after January the 31st 1982;

1.2 – The composers are welcome to send pieces for any combination of the following instruments: 2 violins, viola, cello, piano, flute (also piccolo and flute in G), clarinet (also bass clarinet), tenor trombone, french horn;

1.3 – Compositions for solo instrument (any of the instruments mentioned above), classic ensembles (string quartet, piano quintet, etc.), and any other combinations are allowed;

1.4 – The compositions’ durations shall not exceed 15 minutes;

1.5 – The composers are allowed to send up to 2 (two) scores as soon as both respect the rules of the Call for Scores;

1.6 – Each composer is allowed to apply only once, sending more than two scores is not permitted;


2.1 – The selection begins on January the 31st 2022 and ends on August the 31st 2022;

2.2 – The composers are invited to send their scores within midnight UTC of August the 1st 2022, exclusively in electronic format through the application form on this website;

2.3 – The results of the selection will be published within August 31st, 2022;

2.4 – The jury will select 10 (ten) compositions winners of the Call for Scores;


3.1 – Within the 10 selected scores, the jury will assign one or more “Grand Prize”;

3.2 – The Grand Prizes consist in the performance, recording, and publication of the selected pieces;

3.3 – The winners of the Grand Prize will be performed by BIOS Ensemble conducted by Andrea Vitello and published on CD and streaming platforms (Spotify etc.) by the label “Sconfinarte”;

3.4 – The performance and the recording will take place at Teatro Niccolini, via Ricasoli 3, Florence and the composers will be invited to attend the recording and work with the conductor and the musicians of the ensemble;

4 – JURY

The jury of the Call for Scores is composed of the following members:

    • M° David Philip Hefti, composer, and conductor (Switzerland);
    • M° Cheryl Frances Hoad, composer (United Kingdom);
    • M° Andrea Portera, composer (Italy);
    • M° Rita Ueda, composer (Canada);
    • M° Andrea Vitello, conductor (Italy);


5.1 – The jury will assign the following prizes:

    • To the 10 winner scores: publication by Sconfinarte editions and certificate of winner of the Call for Scores;
    • To the winners of the Grand Prize: recording of the selected composition by BIOS Ensemble and publication on CD and digital platforms (Spotify etc.) by the label Sconfinarte;


6.1 – The composers who won the Grand Prize will be invited to Florence to attend the recording and work with the conductor and ensemble;

6.2 – The invited composers will receive a grant to cover travel and accommodation costs, for a maximum amount of €1500 in total;

6.3 – The invited composers will be assisted in the organization of the trip and in finding the most suitable accommodation in Florence for the period of the recording;

6.4 – The organization, in harmony with the purpose of the Call for Scores, aims to assign the highest number of Grand Prizes and guarantees the assignment of at least one;


7.1 – The jury has faculty to assign one or more special prizes, consisting in commissions by the following institutions:

    • Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo (Italy)
    • Budapest Symphony Orchestra MAV (Hungary)
    • Pazardjik Symphony Orchestra (Bulgaria)
    • Lutoslawsky Chamber Philharmonic Łomża (Poland)


In order to apply to the Call for Scores, the composers shall send the following documents through the application form on this website:

    • Filled application form;
    • Copy of an ID document;
    • Anonymous score, without title, exclusively in .pdf or .jpg format (max 5Mb); 
    • Application fee of € 120;



9.1 – The secretariat of the Call for Scores will assign a code to each score so the members of the jury will not have any reference point on the identity of the composers;

9.2 – The names of the participants will be revealed to the jury only when the voting is completed;


10.1 – The decisions of the jury are not open to appeal;

10.2 – The organization reserves the right to change the rules of the competition in case of force majeure, in that case, the participants will be promptly informed;

10.3 – The winners of the Call for Scores will be contacted by the secretariat well advance to send the final score for the publication and the individual parts – if needed – in time;

10.4 – Participation in the competition implies the full acceptance of the present rules;

10.5 – For any legal action the English and the Italian texts of the announcement must be considered;

10.6 – The forum in charge is Prato’s (Italy).

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to postpone the Florence String Quartet and Ensemble Call for Scores to the next year, we will publish the new dates as soon as possible.