We are glad to inform that the International Jury of Florence String Quartet Call for Scores 2016 has chosen the following composer to be performed on the award concert of May 8 in Teatro di Cestello in Florence:

Riccardo Belletti (Italy), with the work: “Refractions”

Jinwook Jung (South Korea), with the work: “Voyage de rêve”

Joungmin Lee, (South Korea), with the work: “Vexatious”

Pasquale Mainolfi (Italy), with the work: “Studio XI – Punctus Contra Punctum”


The jury was composed by:
M° Andrea Portera (Italy), composer, President of the jury
M° Luca Ceretta (Italy), editor
M° Kee Yong Chong (Malaysia), composer
M° David Philip Hefti (Switzerland), composer and conductor
M° Rossella Spinosa (Italy), composer

The final concert will take place on May 8 in Teatro di Cestello, Florence, at 8 p.m. (20.00), free admission.

The quartets will be performed by Quartetto Ascanio
Damiano Babbini and Laurence Cocchiara, violins
Costanza Pepini, viola
Catherine Bruni, violoncello

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